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This wiki provides training, documentation and reference material for Smoke Media equipment, facilities, projects and history.

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Core skills

Media law
The basics you need to create legally safe reporting
What is news and how do you know when you've found it?
Interview skills
Get in, then get out with what you came for


Publishing an article
Publish your article the right way
Live blogging
Cover events at the speed of live
Social media
Having a Twitter account doesn't make you a social media expert
Learn how the app works


Image editing with Photoshop
Learn to prepare images with Photoshop
Page production with Indesign
Make print-ready layouts in Indesign
Style guide
"Fashions fade, style is eternal"


Playout controller
Control live playout and future broadcasts
Show profile manager
Audio production with Audition
Edit audio with Adobe Audition
Make those crazy cameras do what you want
Editing with Final Cut
Edit your footage into something to be proud of
Freakin' livestreams, how do they work?
Outside broadcasts
Radio is more fun when it's on the road

All about us

Facilities & history

Where have we come from?
Media Hub
Our main office on Cavendish campus
Forum studio
Smoke Radio's main live studio, on Harrow campus
The techy stuff that makes everything work


External links