Recording using the Tascam

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In the Forum studio, there is a recording device known as a Tascam that you should use to record your show. Remember, all shows broadcast on Smoke Radio must be recorded and uploaded to Marconi within 7 days of transmission.

Follow the steps below to ensure that your show is recorded correctly and that you are able to retrieve your recording once you have finished broadcasting.

Before you begin

The Tascam can record to its internal memory cards or a USB device (such as a memory stick). You should record your show onto a memory stick so that it is easy to access. Please remember to bring a memory stick with you when you broadcast your show.

You need to check that the Tascam is in USB recording mode. This will be indicated in the very bottom right corner of the screen. If the marker says CF or SD, the Tascam is set to record to its memory card. Press the Device button to the right of the screen, and turn the knob to select USB. Press the knob to confirm and check that the marker on the screen has changed to USB.

If you accidentally record your show onto the memory card of the Tascam, please contact a member of the committee as soon as possible. The Tascam memory card can be wiped at any time.

Recording onto your USB device

  1. Insert your USB device into the USB port on the left of the Tascam recorder. The screen will say MEDIA READING.
  2. Wait until the screen changes to display a timestamp in large letters. Press the Record button, which will light up red.
  3. Confirm that the audio level meter at the top of the screen is moving (which indicates that your show is being recorded correctly).
  4. Press the Play button to begin recording. It will light up green, to indicate that the show is now being recorded.
  5. To end your recording, press Stop. The screen will say INFORMATION WRITING, meaning it is saving your show.
  6. Wait until the screen changes back to a timestamp after it has finished writing information. (You may not see numbers on this timestamp, depending on the USB device you use.)
  7. Remove your USB device.