Publishing an article

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Learn how to log into the Smoke Media website and publish content that will get read: formatting text properly, inserting images and making use of advanced features like bylines and featured image credits.

For QH, Mag

Go to New > New Post. Give the article a headline of around seven to twelve words. Very short headlines are verboten because they don't convey enough information to potential readers. Long headlines will not display properly on the website or in the app.

Copy and paste your content into the content area. Try never to write directly in Wordpress, because it lacks proper spelling and grammar checks. Use Google Docs instead. You can use the buttons above the post area to add lists, bold and italic type. Avoid use of underline.

Use the tag <h3>example</h3> to show crossheads.

Add images by using the Add Media button. If you set the image alignment to 'none' or 'center', the image will stretch right across the article. If you set alignment to 'left' or 'right', the image will take up half the width of the article.

This is a better option for images taller than they are wide. Don't forget to set a caption (including photographer credit). Take care to set an appropriate size of image, too (full size or large) to avoid blurriness.

Put the article in the correct category (eg. 'news', 'sport'). If you want it to appear right at the top of the homepage and its category page, you should also tick the 'promoted' option.

You can also control whether an article is visible on the website, in the app, or both, using the Smoke Syndication panel.

For Radio

Behind the scenes, the Smoke Radio website is actually a category. This means that if you wish to publish a post 'on the radio site', you must tick the radio category IN ADDITION TO either ticking 'promoted' or the category news, music or sport. Simply ticking the radio category by itself will not make an article visible.